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Golf Holiday Destinations Around The World

In recent years golf holidays and golf breaks have become very popular with golfers taking advantage of the growth in self catering apartments and holiday cottages available for rental.

Golf breaks are popular in Scotland with many golfers renting a holiday home and playing on the famous Scottish links golf courses; St. Andrews is a popular golf course in Scotland with many golfers staying in holiday cottages near to the famous course.

Golf in Ireland is also growing in popularity. Many golfers take a golf break to Ireland and stay in a holiday cottage and use it as a base to play some of the numerous golf courses. The U.K has seen a big increase of tourists coming on vacation for golf breaks.

With the arrival of the budget airlines many golfers now choose to take golf breaks in Europe. It is now possible to get cheap golf holidays by taking advantage of the budget airlines and booking a holiday home or villa direct from their owners. Golf holidays to France are now very popular and many tourists like to play golf in Paris and stay in one of the many self catering apartments available in this beautiful city.

Golf in Spain is enjoyed by many tourists who like to sample a Spanish golf holiday. They may go there just to play golf and stay in an apartment, or some golfers go on vacation to Spain with their families and rent a villa with a swimming pool. That way all of the family are kept happy as there is always something for them to do.

Sun lovers like to play golf in Portugal and spoilt for choice with the number of golf courses and luxury golf accommodation available to them. Portugal attracts golfers all the year round to play on what are regarded as some of the best golf courses in Europe.

Portugal is home to some magnificent villas with swimming pools and for those golfers on a tighter budget, there are many holiday apartments available to rent. Other popular golfing destinations popular with sun lovers in Europe are the Canary Islands.

For golf lovers looking for a world wide golf holiday, America is a very popular destination. The combination of the cheap food, good weather and superb golf courses attracts many golfers to Florida. Many go there on family holidays and at the same time play the local golf courses. Villa rentals with swimming pools are very popular amongst golfers visiting Florida. While there the family may go to a theme park and many families like to play golf on one of the Disneyland golf courses.

No matter where you want to play golf, be it Europe, America, Jamaica, South Africa or any other country world wide, you will find a tremendous selection of accommodation available to stay in.

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French Family Holidays – Why go To France?

Being just a short hop across the channel, France is the ideal destination for your family holiday. In this article, I put to you a few attractions that will cater to both the adults and children in your family alike.

Disneyland Paris
This has got to be top of your childrenâ??s (and possibly your) list when it comes to activities for your holiday. It is no mystery that ever since the first Disneyland opened in 1955, it has been a land of wonder for children, you only need to look at the plaque at the entrance to confirm this: â??Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasyâ?. The park is full of rides and attractions to keep even the fussiest child happy and entertained.

Adults are not left out of the equation though. Some of the hairier rides will bring out the excitable kid in you and there are bars and restaurants in which to take time out if you are feeling a little overwhelmed by all the excitement.

For some reason, the Parisians love carousels and so do children. There are literally hundreds of carousels scattered around Paris for the kids to ride. Paris is also host to Aquaboulevard, a large aquatic park with swimming pools, wave pools, slides and other recreational activities such as golf, tennis and bowling.

For the adults, Paris is heaven, find food, fine wine and great site seeing. Who doesnâ??t want to see the Eiffel tower and the Champs-Elysees?

Kids love the beach, they love swimming and they love the sand. France has hundreds if not thousands of world class beaches. The best of these being on the south west and south coasts where the weather is a little warmer. Whether you enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the beaches in Cannes or prefer to soak in a little history at the beaches of Normandy, there is a beach for everyone.

When you couple all of these advantages with the fact that France is only an hour away by ferry, what other reason do you need to get over there with the family?

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Santa Clarita Valley – the Perfect Destination Location

Ever envisioned yourself inhabiting one of the world’s most gorgeous lands? Why relocate to far away destinations such as Paris or London when paradise is right here in California, within commuting distance of Los Angeles? Santa Clarita Valley is perfect for those who desire beauty and serenity.

Unlike the city, Santa Clarita Valley is free from smog and exhaust fumes. After a long day in the city, the clear mountain air is a cool and refreshing change. At the brink of the mountains is the gorgeous valley floor and rolling foothills. Smaller, quaint villages and larger housing communities are nestled in among the wonders of nature. National forests surround many communities, embedding nature’s finest in your own yard. But this beautiful landscape offers much more than just what you see on the surface.

Santa Clarita Valley communities consist of hard-working citizens who like the rapid-paced working atmosphere of a large city, but who also desire the clean, relaxing environment that the Santa Clarita Valley can offer them. These are the ones who want economic prosperity while retaining peace and privacy, and they make the best neighbors.

With activities such as get-togethers and sporting events, there is a strong sense of community. The Santa Clarita Valley is constantly expanding to offer such amenities as exciting new shops and entertainment arenas to those residing within its flora-covered walls. Castaic is home to one of the largest paintball parks in southern California. Valencia is home to the first PGA Tour Facility in California, which is an ideal location to practice your golfing. Town centers, which are complete with small specialty stores, movie theaters, gaming centers, and larger superstores, offer every member of the family a place to spend the day.

Tucking themselves away between the rolling hills and picturesque views, families flock to these established communities from all over southern California. Individual families were taken into account in the master plan for building these communities. Large park areas and special programs for the children are available in many areas. The award winning school districts not only offer a superior education, but also have a much lower dropout rate than any of the other school systems in the area.

There are always plenty of things to do. If you like hiking, both the foothills and the higher mountain passes offer trails ranging from easy to strenuous. The crystal clear lakes in the Frazier Park area afford boating and fishing excursions on weekend outings or camping trips. And during the winter, the ski runs are kept open and the powder is nice and fresh. Skiing not your thing? Disneyland is only an hourâ??s drive, and Six Flags is within just a few miles.

Being so close to Los Angeles, you’re always just a short distance away from the glamorous nightlife of the city. With only a quick trip down the hill, you’ll be able to attend concerts, shows, clubs, and parties. And yet, right in your backyard you have the panoramic view of snow-peaked hills and strong, green trees growing freely in the beautiful California sun.

Don’t just dream of the perfect place to live; move there. Make it happen by visiting the Santa Clarita Valley.

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Family Camping Holidays in France

When you think of a French camping holiday you may start to think of cold wet weekends away, you could not be so wrong, and with absolutely thousands of campsites in France, you have so many different ones to choose from, and whether you have your own tent, are touring with a caravan or a motor home, the choice of camp sites is endless.

If you were to pick an area of France, then you will not have any trouble in obtaining information on campsites in that particular province and in fact you would probably be spoilt for choice. But there is one place called Brittany that is one of the most popular destinations for a family camping holiday in France and this is due to sandy beaches, hidden coves, rock pools and the coastline that the children just adore.

Yet the Alps is a vast area waiting for the more adventurous camper with mountainous climbs, pretty villages and lakes to explore along with Chamonix, which is the highest town in Europe.

Then there is Paris, the capital city of France, which has everything a beautiful city can offer, and with several campsites around Paris, the closest is just a few minutes from the centre, you will also find others that are located near to Versailles and Disneyland Paris, let alone others near golf courses and fishing lakes.

And although most people end up going through the Rhone Valley without really much of a stop, it is well worth taking a detour either side of the river which is where you can find some beautiful countryside to explore, and in this area you will also be able to find some glorious wine produced on these slopes bordering the river, along with major towns like Lyon.

Most places will be able to provide hook ups for electricity from either 6 amps or 10 amps, plus many other facilities. And on a lot of different sites, rather just touring you can even hire out the caravans, chalets or mobile homes, but whatever you decide is best for you, this is a great way of touring through France.

As you can imagine, there are a vast amount of campsites with lots of different facilities, which you will find are rated with stars in a similar way to that of hotels, so the more stars a site has, the better it will be, although inevitably the more expensive they will be, especially in certain areas of France.

A camping site with one star is a basic site and there is no where near as many these days, due to competition from other campsites, whereas a two star camping site is rated for comfort and has some good amenities, then three star and four star campsites are of a very high standard, not only for the amenities and facilities they have to offer, but also for the quality of these facilities. For example, on a four star site you will often find top class restaurants that are even frequented by the locals for their phenomenal French cuisine, but also complete pool complexes and evening entertainment as a regular occurrence.

But apart from the typical camping sites available, you can also find places to pitch such as camping on farms, but lots of these do not have a wide range of facilities available, in fact some are so basic you will need to have all of your own facilities or they may just about have a toilet and hot shower for you to use.

One quick point, please do remember that it is only in authorised locations around France that you are able to camp and not in places such as woods, yet saying that, when travelling through France it can take hours or days, and we have seen many tired travellers putting up their tents on the grassy areas in the service stations alone the toll roads!.

Most people think of camping as purely a summer activity, but for an extremely reasonable holiday, which can be as low as 50 to 60 percent less in cost, you can go camping in the low season, and dependant upon the area of France you wish to go to, some campsites are even open all year round and still even have facilities such as indoor swimming available.

France can therefore offer you freedom and flexibility, whether you wish to stay in one place for the duration of your holiday, or why not try hopping from camping site to campsite, these types of holidays can offer you everything from excitement and family fun by the coast in places such as Brittany, through to the more sedate holiday staying in the grounds of chateaux in rolling countryside of the Loire valley, but for the more adventurous, you could even have a camping holiday incorporating adventures like kayaking in the Dordogne, or mountaineering in the French Alps

You will be able to get to see ancient ruins, quaint villages, monuments and scenery that you would never think possible in any country, but France has it all, and this is possible in many regions within only a few miles of where you have decided to stay, yet do not forget about the wonderful activities that are available to you on site, which sometimes makes it a hard job deciding on whether you want to leave!

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Stop Over Fantastic Louvre Museum in Astonishing Paris

Known as the City of Love, it is hard not to fall in love with this gorgeous city. Besides being one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris is also one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, with over 30 million foreign visitors flocking to this city every year. What’s not to love about Paris? From romance to beautiful landscapes to the various cafes that are the soul of the city, Paris offers everything French. Travellers will admire its stunning monuments, impressive art works in equally impressive museums, and magic lights. Its wide gourmet selection of cheese, chocolate, wine, and seafood is sure to satisfy anyone’s taste buds. What would Paris be sans the Eiffel Tower? The iconic tower is the signature sight of the city and one attraction that should not be missed.

Also known as the City of Lights, Paris is chockfull of places of interest which is precisely why Paris tourism is so popular. Home to the Louvre Museum which houses the works of Leonardo da Vinci, the Ar?s de Lutece amphitheatre, the French Parliament’s Assembl?Nationale, the Eiffel Tower, the famous Paris Catacombs, and the gorgeous home of Louis XIV: the Chateau de Versailles, and Paris offers plenty of site seeing endeavours. One should also make it a point to check out the Grand Arche de la Defense, the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Pantheon, the P?-Lachaise Cemetery, and the Sainte Chapelle while visiting the fine and historically-rich city of Paris.

Climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower is certainly one of the top things to do in Paris. The views of the city from the top of the tower are simply breathtaking. A climb to the top of the bell tower at the Notre Dame cathedral also offers nice views of Paris. For a romantic walk, couples can stroll along the banks of the Seine. As for shopping, there is no better place than Le Marais, Paris’s most fashionable district. If you are tired of shopping, Disneyland Paris offers a vacation paradise to both children and adults, with Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios, a golf course, and many fantastic rides.

Paris has a fantastic variety of restaurants all around the city, as tourists have an unlimited choice of food and drink no matter what they are looking for. There are many fine French bistros, from major world famous restaurants to quaint and romantic eateries. If you are looking for international food Paris has you covered, as just a few of the types of international cuisine available are American, Chinese, Asian, Thai, European, and English cuisines. If you love win then Paris is the city for you as some of the best French wine is available all around the city at restaurants, wine bars, wine shops, and even markets.

There are so many entertainment options in Paris that it is hard to choose what to do. There are many lively festivals throughout the year. There are free concerts throughout the year at the churches around the city, and there are classical concerts that are held every month at Le Monde de la Musique. There is live music at clubs all throughout the city, and most are located on avenue des Champs-Elys?. Many clubs in Paris let you hear the latest music and many open at 11 PM and stay open until the wee hours of the morning. A couple of famous entertainment venues in Paris are Le Crazy Horse and Le Moulin Rouge

With so many interesting places to visit and exciting things to do in Paris, one would assume that a few days in Paris might not be enough. The trick here is to plan the trip well, and while planning, look for some useful tips or a guide. It’s almost impossible to do everything in one visit, so don’t get stressed and just enjoy the city.

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Paris For Children

French camping holidays can be an adventure for all the family and the perfect way to keep the children entertained. But how do you provide your children’s’ dream camping holidays in France while still finding enough to keep Mum and Dad occupied? The answer is simple. Make a beeline for everybody’s favourite capital city – Paris!

In France, camping is extremely well catered for. There are many great campsites with excellent facilities on the outskirts of Paris, providing easy access to the city and all it has to offer. There is so much to see and do around Paris, and the versatility of camping holidays in France will allow you to stay longer and see more than you thought possible.

In Paris, there is so much going on, you will have no trouble planning your days, and contrary to what you may think, finding something to please the children can be just as simple.

Disneyland® Paris

Disneyland® is the obvious choice for your first stop. A French camping holiday can be the ideal way to enjoy an extended two or three day pass to this popular attraction. From Paris, all roads lead to Disneyland and it is an unforgettable experience for children (and adults) of all ages. As well as all the exciting rides, the five themed magical lands, spectacular parades, Disney Studio, night-time light and fireworks shows, there are encounters with familiar cartoon figures and a mind blowing array of food from around the world. There is enough to occupy the parents too, with plenty of restaurants and bars, as well as golf and tennis facilities and even a child-minding service if you want to sneak off for some fun of your own! You are never too old or too young to enjoy the Disneyland experience and you will be giving your children a French camping holiday they will never forget!

Paris Plage

If you take your camping holidays in France in July or August you will be able to take part in the unique experience that is the Paris Plage. Since 2002 it has become a permanent fixture on the banks of the Seine. Different spots along the cobbled edges of the river are literally transformed into giant beaches complete with tonnes of golden sand, palm trees and swimming pools. Each area has its own theme and you can enjoy fabulous displays (on subjects as diverse as fencing to kayaking), laze in the sun on brightly coloured deck chairs, or enjoy an early evening concert before dinner. All the beaches are open non-stop from 8am until midnight and there is plenty to keep the whole family occupied.

The Menagerie

Located in the lush surrounds of the Jardin des Plantes, the Menagerie is home to dozens of species of rare animals. It was established as a public zoo after the French Revolution and founded with a weird assortment of animals from the private collection of Marie Antoinette.

Though not as polished as a modern day zoo, that is perhaps where its real charm lies. The zoo’s eclectic collection of animals ranges from curious ostriches and odd looking yaks, to the tiny but fascinating insect inhabitants of the Microzoo. The Jardin des Plantes itself is a perfect place for children to visit. It houses an amazing array of botanic and scientific exhibits as well as being home to the Natural History Museum. A visit to the Menagerie can combine all three of these attractions in one day and should definitely be included on your family’s French camping holiday.

Lorraine Waddell is the brand and advertising manager of Canvas Holidays, a leading European camping operator that provides the best selection of camping holidays in France . With over 40 years of experience, Canvas offer superb camping holidays to France, Spain and a total of 9 European countries.

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Top Ten places in Paris with Kids

Twitter Poll Part Deux :  Paris with Kids

We recently asked our Twitter followers, blog readers and Paris Hideaways friends their suggestions for Family Friendly Paris suggestions, which resulted in the following top ten suggestions.  Enjoy the read and feel free to make further suggestions in the comment box below!

1. Cite des Sciences et l’Industrie (La Cite des Enfants)

Recommended by the most readers/followers and fans, the Cite des Sciences et l’Industrie is the top favorite of those travelling to Paris with kids. Science lovers young and not-so-young can enjoy the biggest science museum in Europe, which was created particularly with youth in mind. Located in the Parc de la Villette in the 19th, The Cite has a planetarium, a submarine, an IMAX theatre and a departments just for kids and teens (la cite des enfants is one of these).

Cite des Sciences et l’Industrie (La Cite des Enfants)

30 Avenue Corentin Cariou Paris

2. Musee des Artes et Metiers

The second most recommended on the list was yet another science museum, this time the Musée des Arts et Métiers located in the rue Réaumur in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. This somewhat misleadingly-named ‘Museum of Arts and Crafts’ boasts Foucault’s original pendulum, Formula One engines, and exhibits on everything from telecomms to quantum physics with a lot of hands on activities for kids of all ages.

Musee des Artes et Metiers

60 rue Réaumur
Metro :  Arts et Métiers

3. The Musee National d’Histoire Naturelle / Jardin des Plantes

Also a top recommendation and perhaps the most enthusiastically recommended by one of our readers, The National Museum of Natural History Museum and the Jardin des Plantes garden surrounding the museum together act as a full day out for the whole family. There is an evolution museum  in a great hall filled with skeletons, specimens, organs and even genetic mutations! There is also a small-ish zoo, but beware – hours can be spent in this fun and walkable zoo.

The Musee National d’Histoire Naturelle / Jardin des Plantes

rue Cuvier, rue Buffon, rue Geoffroy-Saint-Hilaire

Metro: Austerlitz

4. Parc de Belleville

The Parc de Belleville is located on the hill of Belleville, and at 108 meters high, it is the highest park in Paris, and kids can climb a 30m tall terrace which provides panoramic views of Paris. Kids can let loose in the 1000m2 park, run among its 1200 trees, check out the 100m long waterfall fountain (the longest in Paris). There is also a purpose built wooden playground for kids, ping pong tables for all and an open-air theatre for the family to enjoy in the warmer months.

5. Jardin des Tuileries

This is the most central garden of Paris, and accordingly stunning. The Jardin des Tuileries is very near the Louvre, where you will inevitably visit at some point during your trip to Paris. During the summer the Fete Foraine is a ‘carnival’ of sorts, with a giant ferris wheel-slash-kid-magnet that adults love too, and the gardens and fountains throughout the park allow kids to run freely and safely while parents lounge in the many chairs and benches throughout the park.

1e arrondissement.

Metro:  Tuileries

6. The Musée du Quai Branly

The newest addition to the major museums in Paris is this Ethnology Museum in the 7th. The exhibits are engaging for kids and the design of the building is very entertaining as well. The museum offers not only intelligent exhibits, but scientific events, a cinema, workshops for kids and classes, and both theatre and dance.

7th Arrondissement

Rue de l’Université / Quai Branly

7. Paris Metro Line 14 – Front Seat

Kids get a kick out of sitting in teh front seat of Metro line 14, an automated (driverless) line which crosses the center of Paris, from Saint Lazare and Olympiades. Line 14 does happen to pass through a few tourist sites such as the Church of the Madeleine, the Ministry of Finance, the Paris-Bercy sports area and gardens, Bercy village and the National Library of France.  This was suggested by a an anonymous blog reader, and what a simple and easy idea to keep in mind to keep the kids entertained!

8. Bois de Boulogne

Slightly bigger than New York’s Central Park and over 3 times the size of Hyde Park in London, Bois de Boulongne is known as the ‘main lung’ of Paris, located on the western border of the city. Inside the park is the Jardin d’ Acclimatation, an amusement park which offers a zoo, rollercoasters, a carousel, swinging chairs, bumper cars, and even a railway, golf and a small waterpark. The lines here are almost non-existent and prices are much more economical than a trip out to one of the bigger amusement parks outside of Paris. Entrance is €2.90 per person (including kids 3 and above) with each ride costing the price of one ticket (around €2.70).

Bois de Boulogne
Western edge of the 16th Arrondissement

9. Centre Pompidou

While a modern art museum is not necessarily a place associated with Family-friendly tourism, it is the exterior design of the building that kids particularly love at Centre Pompidou, with its exposed airducts, outdoor staircases and primary-colored exterior paint-job.  Also to note: Pompidou is closed on Tuesdays, while other museums are typically closed Mondays, making this a great place to visit with kids on a Monday, especially a rainy Monday.

Centre Pompidou

4th Arrodissement

19 rue Beaubourg

10. Disneyland Paris / Parc Asterix

It is with some reluctance that we include Disneyland Paris to this list of Top 10 ‘Paris for Kids’ recommendations. Several readers suggested Disneyland, and the theme park is obviously aimed at children.  It is a perfect day outside of Paris, the kids will most likely love it, and so it is a safe option. Buy why go all the way to Paris and visit Disneyland?  A more original option would be Parc Asterix, an amusement park based on the comic strip stories The Adventures of Asterix located just 20 miles from Disneyland Paris.

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