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Walt Disney Studios Park Paris
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France. Life-long Love

The acquaintance with France begins, of course, in Paris. All the most Europe-shocking innovations took place there, all the creative ambitions of the geniuses were realized in the French capital. If all roads lead to Rome then all dreams lead to Paris.

Paris…a dream came true. Fantasy of the best architectures became reality in numerous architectural masterpieces, fantasy of the gardeners found expression in the most fascinating parks with shady lanes and sweet-smelling flowerbeds, fantasy of fashion designers resulted in the multitude of the most trendy goods displayed in illuminated shop-windows. One should obligatory visit Paris. At least once in a lifetime every person should stroll along the cozy streets hand in hand with his or her beloved, dine at a restaurant with a bottle of wine and simply breathe the air of the capital!

To the west of Paris spreads out a captivating European world of the Disney heroes. American settlements, exotic lands, fantastic corners and even the cities of future are reconstructed there. The Disneyland consists of the Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios. Disneyland Park is a theme 138 acre park. It’s divided into five Lands: Main Street USA, Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland and Discoveryland. The Walt Disney Studio is devoted to the relationships with the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studio, so everything is connected with the movies. One can see how the thrillers are shot, look at the work of the costumiers and feel the atmosphere of a real cinema. Disney have ensured that nothing is left to chance. From the smallest detail in planning to the largest construction everything is made to the highest degree of accuracy. This is a real entertainment for kids and their parents alike. Don’t reject yourself a treat to order an excursion to the Disneyland!

It’s hard to find another place where one can meet so many castles built in XI-XVII centuries. You are awaited by a meeting with the history of France which is often sad. Many people say that this historical side of the French capital is no less interesting than Paris with all its glamour and magnificence.

And don’t forget to go to Normandy or Brittany, the backwoods of France. This side of France is very interesting. To have a complete view of the country one should try to understand the meaning of the leisurely way of life the French province has been leading for centuries.

The trip starts right at the Belgium border. In the nearest French city Amgen one can find the Notre Dame cathedral constructed in the XIII century. It is the biggest cathedral in France.

Another wonder of this corner of France is Mont Saint Michel (Mount Saint Michael). This is an impressive granite rock crowned by a monastery and a huge cathedral, devoted to archangel Michael. The uniqueness of this “architectural wonder” lies also in the fact that it stands on the small island connected to the continent by a big dike.

And certainly one should visit the castles situated in the valley of the Loire river. Along the road you will make stops in the French villages where the French peasants will treat you to the real Camembert and the apple vodka Calvados. Step by step (stop by stop in this case) you will become a real connoisseur of local wine.

It’s possible to talk about France for hours. To understand its charm and fascination one should come to the country at least one time. Everyone who comes to France finds something to his or her liking. Once in France, you fall in love with the country. It captivates you and doesn’t let you go. So make no resistance. Surrender!

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How many days should be spent in Disneyland Paris?

Hey guys, I’ll be going Paris for 5 days this coming December for Christmas celebration with friends.

Does anyone has experience that how is the crowd condition in Paris Disneyland during that Christmas period? How many days should i spend on both the Walt Disney Studio and Disneyland Park? t’m thinking maybe 2 days. Does 1 day sufficient?

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What do you think of a smoke-free Disneyland Paris?

From April 1st, Disneyland Resort Paris will go smoke-free.
It will be forbidden to smoke anywhere on the parks except in the 14 smoking zones throughout the parks (10 in the disneyland park, 4 in the walt disney studios).
What do you think?
Yes it’s forbiden to smoke in covered areas, but the point is that it will be forbidden everywhere, even in open areas.

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If you go to disneyland, paris… and you get the standard ticket… can you go to both…

walt disney studios park and disneyland park… or just
one or the other?!

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Disney Cinema Parade

The best parade in Walt Disney Studios park – paris

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Short Breaks

After a long and stressful week a Short breaks is a great option for a relaxing weekend. A perfectly planned short trip to a neighboring city or even a country close by for a couple of days is not only exciting but refreshing as well. It’s a great way to recharge and unwind.

Short break packages are offered by various traveling and touring agencies. Europe particularly is a place where every country and every city has its own charm and thus has a continuous flow of short breakers and tourists from different places visiting. Some of the most visited places in Europe are Paris, Brussels, Venice, Berlin, London, Scotland and Rome.

These travel agencies offer attractive packages for families or couples (including romantic packages). They also offer custom made short break packages for parties including children as well as for adults only. A two day visit to Paris could include the popular sightseeing spots, including of course the Eiffel Tower and perhaps a trip to Disneyland. The short breakers can enjoy the delightful French cuisine along with the famous local wines and champagnes.
Paris weekend breaks offer the holidaymaker two days to relax and enjoy the breathtaking city of Paris. Disneyland is a special attraction for many tourists who are enjoying a weekend visit to the city. Disney’s one day hopper passes which allow unlimited access to the magic of both the Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney Studios Park are often available as part of the short break packages.

You can even take your own car along if you are planning a short break closer to home. This will provide you with the flexibility of having your own car to explore all those regions which are slightly further afield during your package tour. Couples can drive down to the vineyards in France or Italy and for a weekend short break. Tourists can drive to cities like Berlin and Brussels to experience the different ambiance.
Short breaks in Europe include multiple options for tourists. These short breaks can be arranged according to the traveler’s desire. It can be a cheap weekend holiday or luxury short break designed to entertain and relax. Cities like London, Paris and Berlin offer fabulous short break itineraries for their visitors. From luxurious hotels to excellent cuisine theses itineraries can include everything.

Paris is a shopaholic’s Mecca. Paris offers the greatest brand names in the world of fashion. From expensive malls to flea street shops, Paris has everything for all kinds of tourists. Weekend short breaks are great for shopping in cities like Paris and Milan.

The tour companies which specialize and arrange short breaks also include musical concerts and seasonal festivals in their schedules. Short breaks in Europe have plenty to offer and it only requires a proper planning to make the weekends or a short leave worthwhile and entertaining.

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