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France 2008 – The Roman Empire on display

This is another clip shot in the historical theme park at Puy du Fou, showcasing its main act: les Gladiateurs. The spectacle lasts for nearly 45 minutes, and draws a lot of attention from the visitors of the park because it’s only held twice a day. The show consists of torture of christians and the victory of Christendom (which is the main storyline), a parade of people of animals displaying the economical prowess of the vast Imperium (shown here), chariot racing ( and gladiator fights against animals and one another. The parade is made up of all kinds of people, animals, and wares from all corners of the then-known world. First up is Roman centurion (commander of a hundred soldiers), followed consecutively by… – his lieutenant; – three aquilifers or standard bearers carrying the Roman eagle, a tremendously prestigious position within the Roman legions; – Roman legionaries in the common testudo formation, a very popular and effective tactic used by Roman soldiers throughout the Antiquity; – two men carrying the she-wolf that suckled Romulus and Remus, thus symbolysing the very beginning of the city of Rome itself; – a couple of cornicens or hornblowers, which are an excellent example of the splendid Roman military organization; – a family of slaves, the economic basis of both Republic and Empire; – the geese of the Capitoline Hill who, according to legend, saved this lastly standing part of Rome from the raiding Gauls in 390 BC; – a cart carrying

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Bastille Fireworks 2008 – Disneyland Paris

Big fireworks display in honour of France’s national holiday. Video by

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WDS: Tower of Terror grand opening 2008

The Official Grand Opening of “Tower of Terror” at Walt Disney Studios Paris on 5th april 2008 – Dinner event and show — The first Italian Internet portal about amusement park . —

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euro disney le 18 et 19 octobre 2008

superbe week end a euro disney

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Disneyland Paris – Summer 2008

Our first trip to DLRP!!!! :))) 06.2008. It was love at first view!!!! (Detti & Ati from Hungary)

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France 2008 – Chariot racing

Another part of the Les Gladiateurs spectacle in the historical theme park at Puy du Fou is the chariot race. The White team has to win, since he’s the legionary who revealed his Christian roots to Emperor Diocletian and now has to win all games in order to be exempted from capital punishment – or so the story goes. Hence, he receives an amiable applause from the crowd, whereas the other color-coded teams are arguably no favourites for the title. Watch and behold the Christian undertaking his ride to life and freedom. About Puy du Fou “Puy du Fou is a historical theme park in Les Epesses in the heart of the Vendée region of Western France. The park brings in some 1.2 million visitors every year, making it the second most popular attraction in France after Euro Disney[1]. (…) Gladiators is set in a replica of an amphitheater that is 115 meters long and 75 meters wide and recreated the atmosphere of Gaul during Roman times. It features a traditional parade of people and animals, gladiatorial combat, chariot racing and executions. It is set during the time of Diocletian, when there was great unrest.” ~ About chariot racing “Chariot racing (Greek: ????????????/armatodromia) was one of the most popular ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine sports. Chariot racing was often dangerous to both drivers and horses—they frequently suffered serious injury and even death—but generated strong spectator enthusiasm. In the ancient Olympic Games, as well as the other

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Construction of Euro Disney: 2008 Disneyland Paris aerial footage

Leave today at Disneyland Paris history, memories and memorabilia! The dream is realised! Fly over Disneyland Paris exactly 20 years after the first groundbreaking of the Euro Disney project took place. Now comprising two theme parks – Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park – a greatly-expanded Disney Village entertainment district and numerous other additions, the resort has now fully bedded into its landscape. © Disney

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