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Around the World in 80 Days (Discovery Island part 3) RCT3

Discovery Island – part 3 of 9 Around the World in 80 Days Travel around world destinations in this omnimover dark ride. A calm ride with a big scope. Sit back, and prepare to be taken on a magnificent journey around the world.

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3 days trip over a weekend from Paris?

I would like to plan a trip with train, based from Paris, departure Friday around 2pm, back in Charles de Gaulle on Monday 6 pm.

I was considering Lyon or Loire, but it’s in the wrong side of the city….

I am nor really museum person, rather sceneries, nice atmosphere, buildings, relax in a cafe and good food :) I Prefer to stay in one place/one hotel and do daytrips from there. Also, not too complicated travel with many changes…..

Any suggestions on a nice place to visit? (not euro disney!)

Thanks a lot !

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Euro Disney: The first 100 days

Euro Disney: The first 100 days

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Could i fit these activities in 3 days in Paris?

. Arc de triomph, Champs Elysses, Place de la Concorde
. Louvre
. Eiffel Tower
. the palace of Versailles
. Notre Dame
. Sacre Cour
. Went for a cruise along the Seine which was great
went to euro Disney
Les Invalides

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Enjoy summer at Maple Grove Days

Enjoy summer at Maple Grove Days
The Maple Grove Community Organization once again has many old and new events planned at the Maple Grove Days 2010 celebration, Thursday through Sunday, July 15 through 18.

Read more on Maple Grove Press & News

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Around the World in 365 Days ? Wonders of the World

When Phileas Fogg set off around the world on a wager for £20,000 he was given just 80 days in which to circumnavigate the planet – a feat deemed almost laughable upon the arrival of the magnificent Concorde, but nonetheless an enviable adventure. Anyone who has been travelling will concede that the world is a spectacular place; but for those home-birds amongst us, look no further than the wonders of the world personalised calendars.

Home to some of the UK’s most beautiful stately homes, public gardens and, erm…Douglas Hurd and Billie Piper, Wiltshire has every right to fight for a place on the list of top places to visit before you die. For those in the know, Wiltshire also happens to be the home of that unusual and mystical monument – Stonehenge – one of the seven wonders of the Medieval World, and perhaps more importantly, the image for ‘April’ in the wonders of the world personalised calendars. The famous stones spell out the name of the recipient, a real homage to anyone of any age. It is from Wiltshire that we travel to one of the more iconic images, the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This world famous landmark adorns the February image and stands proudly below the white clouds that happen to spell out the name of our gift recipient.

Egypt has long been a popular tourist destination and was the first pit-stop for the famous Philleas Fogg. Home to the Great Pyramids of Giza, these stunning structures are the pride of the Ancient wonders of the World, and of course, the spectacular choice in image for ‘May’ in the personalised calendars. With a bit of a leap south, the African continent also hosts the image for June which displays the remarkable image of the Serengeti migration – where some of Africa’s most famous inhabitants magically spell out the name of our personalised calendars recipients. Travelling further south, it won’t be long before we reach August’s ‘Victoria Falls’, the world’s largest waterfall and one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Climbing Everest is certainly not for the faint hearted, but with the wonders of the world personalised calendars, it won’t just look like our recipient has climbed the Himalaya Mountains, but that they’ve also taken a moment to carve their name into the snow and taken a stunning picture to prove it – a fitting snowy image for the Decmeber image in the personalised calendars. Unsurprisingly, Asia has much to offer in terms of stunning places to visit but it is the Great Wall of China that is celebrated on the personalised calendars and takes pride of pace as the image for March.

Unfortunately it was considered to be a little out of the way for Mr Fogg, but he was on a rather tight deadline and as we have a whole 365 days in which to enjoy the tour, it makes sense to spend a whole month (August) in Australia, more specifically; at the Great Barrier Reef. One of the Natural wonders or the world, the planet’s largest coral reef system can be seen from space, and it is this aerial view from which our recipient will be able to make out the remarkable formation of reef that magically spells out their name.

South America
South America is diverse in terms of the landscapes it has to offer any tourist: from tropical rainforests, mountain ranges and desert plains, it probably comes as no surprise that this continent has become so widely associated with the rich and even richer. The Harbour of Rio de Janeiro is not only considered to be a millionaires’ playground, it also happens to be considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world. With the cruise liners and yachts lining up to spell out a certain someone’s name, the image for October is sure to be one of the more extraordinary pictures in this personalised calendar.

North America
North America is home to many different wonders of the world – the Hoover Dam isn’t all that bad for a massive slab of concrete; however, it is the Grand Canyon that is celebrated in these personalised calendars, quite rightly so as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Look closely at this November image and you might just see a familiar name cast in shadows against the famous red rock. For something a little more ‘man-made’ then the Empire State building might just be the answer. New York was Phileas Fogg’s last stop before returning to London, but you can be certain he didn’t have his name spelt out in fireworks across the New York – New Year sky. But there is just one more stop on our world trip before we can go home…

The North Pole
Perhaps the most magical of all the wonders of the world, not to mention the stunning image for September in the personalised calendars, the Northern Lights make for a perfect last stop. These ‘Auroras’ as they are formally known, are only visible near the magnetic poles, and are typically seen from parts of Western Canada, Greenland and Scotland but can also be found in the southern hemisphere areas of Antarctica, South America and Australasia. Look closely and you’ll see a familiar name twinkle in the stars in what should be the final stop of this 365 day trip around the world.

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I am going to paris for 3 days and was wondering a few things…?

i am going to paris for 3 days end of this month we are gong to disneyland on the monday i was wondering if it would be very busy? and how much money i will need for them 3 days. i am also staying at the exploreres hotel and was wondering how much cabs usually are form the airport to that area and if there are any bars/clubs near by thanks.

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