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Phantom Manor Bride Singing

Melanie Ravenswood, the unfortunate bride from Disney’s Phantom Manor attraction in Disneyland Paris, singing sections. If you are looking for the audio of only the bride singing, no music box or background music, i just added it to my vids. its short though :/

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Disneyland Paris at Halloween Time ..Dancing and Singing etc

MY ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK INCLUDED A VERY SHORT SEQUENCE FROM 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY .. WMG CLAIMED COPYRIGHT , RESULTING IN THE WHOLE SOUNDTRACK BEING MUTED BY YOU TUBE … THIS NEW SOUNDTRACK USED HAS BEEN SELECTED AS THE MOST APPROPRIATE FROM YOU TUBE’S AUDIO SWAP LIBRARY … I HOPE PEOPLE STILL ENJOY WATCHING THE FILM …. …….ALTHOUGH THE ORIGINAL SINGIING FILMED ON THE DAY IS NO LONGER INCLUDED .. ….Waltz around with the Cups and Saucers Ride ,Cars on Main Street,Disney Characters out and about,The Grand Canyon,Paddle Steamer ride,Song and Dance from Minnie and Donald , Country and Western Hoedown with Goofy (in the Magic Pot) , ( Winnie the Pooh and friends join in ) ,and the Purple Halloween Witches have a go as well

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Disney World Haunted Mansion Singing Busts *New Footage* (July 2009)

Footage of the Haunted Mansion singing busts after the most recent update. No Night Vision. Slightly stretched horizontally- Nothing I can do… Youtube’s Fault.

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